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205H Wired Port Reporting/Statistics

We deployed 205Hs into one of our Residence Halls over Christmas Break, and I was curious if there were any kind of methods for reporting/statistics (usage, status, etc) that I could obtain from wired ports (Eth1, Eth2, and Eth3) - they are operating in bridge mode. The only information I've located is port speed, up/down status, and packets received/sent via - "show ap port status ap-name <>" for a single AP. We do utilize Airwave for monitoring but I've only been able to see port status, speed, and lan mac address of the individual port.

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Re: 205H Wired Port Reporting/Statistics

Unfortunately I don't think that wired interface statistics are collected for access points in Airwave (at least I can't see it anywhere).


You can get that information on the commandline of the controller, however


show ap debug system-status ap-name <name of ap> | begin "Interface Information"

  Screenshot 2016-04-23 at 04.14.32.png

I hope that helps...

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Re: 205H Wired Port Reporting/Statistics

Thank you Colin, this does give me a few ideas for small sample sizes I can perform on a few floors in the Residence Halls. Thank you again!



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