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205H Wired setup

Just purchased several 205H Instant units.  The rooms we're installing into have one cable, which is providing regular PoE 802.11af.  


Plug in the APs using the ETH0 port of the back, wireless online, instant works, awesome...


The other ports on the device are inert.  How do I configure the AP to make these live?  There was a mention somewhere of bridging the passthrough ports, but then I can't power over PoE.


I suspect I'm missing something trivial, but the setup guide didn't cover the wired port configurations.  Are they off by default for security?  Thanks very much.

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Re: 205H Wired setup

lf you have not, please see the installation guide here:  https://support.arubanetworks.com/Documentation/tabid/77/DMXModule/512/EntryId/16553/Default.aspx


Power and management is provided explicitly through the E0 port on the back.  That is the uplink to your switch that provides power and DHCP to your AP.


The Pass-Through port on the back is directly connected to the EOPT port on the bottom.   If you have a second ethernet port on the switch that you want to extend through the bottom of the AP for whatever reason, this is the port do do it on.  The pass-through port and EOPT port do not have an electrical connection to the AP; it just passes a connection through.


The e1, e2 and e3 ports on the bottom can be manipulated based on the documentation here:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/Instant_423_WebHelp/InstantWebHelp.htm#UG_files/Wired_port_profile/ConfiguringWiredProfile.htm%3FTocPath%3DUG%2520topics%7CWired%2520Profiles%7CConfiguring%2520a%2520Wired%2520Profile%7C_____0  You can do interesting things like bridge the wired traffic on e1,e2,e3 to the e0 port, tag vlans on those ports so that they can be bridged to a trunk on e0, and provide poe power to the e3 port.  You can do wired captive portal and authentication on those ports as well....it is in the documentation above.

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Re: 205H Wired setup

This is helpful. Can you also provide a link to the Controller-based AP-205H ("non-instant"?) version of the E1, E2, E3 ports setups? 


(Maybe I should make a separate thread for this?)

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Re: 205H Wired setup

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