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205H wired client details

How can I find out the mac address of a connected wired client on a 205H port? The command below doesnt display any results for me...


#show ap wired stats ap-name <my ap name>


Yet, airwaves shows that the enet3 port is "up" with a device conected.

My ap is a campus ap, model 205h, version Any ideas?

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Re: 205H wired client details


show datapath bridge table ap-name <name of ap>

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Re: 205H wired client details

I tried the command you mentioned, but its not valid for me. It only wants a <macaddr> after "table"... and not an ap-name argument...


(my_ctrl) #show datapath bridge table ?
<macaddr>     xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx 48-bit MAC address to filter on
|                       Output Modifiers

(my_ctrl) #



Now, the following DOES give me a table...


(my_ctrl) #show datapath bridge ap-name my_ap


But nothing in this table really maps one of the displayed macs to ENET3 of the AP. I see many, many, macs listed in the first column. There is only one row that has the P flag, and this appears to be the APs ENET1 port (in my case the uplink port). This row entry also says "local" for the Destination column. I'm still not seeing an entry to ENET3.



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Re: 205H wired client details

Do you have an AAA profile on the port? Is the port set to tunnel or bridge? If it's tunneled with an AAA, you should see the user show up in the user table

I thought the command you entered should show that information. You said Airwave sees enet3 up, does the controller?

show ap debug port status ap-name

Chris Wickline | Network Engineer | York College of Pennsylvania
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Re: 205H wired client details

205H does not have a AAA profile assigned. Ports run in tunnel mode.


In addition to AMP seeing ENET3 as "up", my controller does as well when I issue the command you mentioned. 

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Re: 205H wired client details

That might be why the command you tried earlier or Colin's command aren't working. They work for me and I have an AAA profile on the enets. 

If it's on the same subnet, this might work

show ap monitor arp-cache ap-name xxx

The only other thing I can think of, is if the device plugged in does LLDP, you can do a 

show ap lldp neighbors ap-name xxx

Maybe someone a little more versed can offer some other suggestions if those don't work

Chris Wickline | Network Engineer | York College of Pennsylvania
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