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3 Masters 3 locations 1 Domain?

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I have three office locations across the country.  They are connected via an MPLS network and share a mycompany.int domain.  So the easiest way for the WAPs to find a controller is via DNS ARUBA-MASTER.mycompany.int  I am assuming then that I will have to configure one location controller as the master and the other two locations controllers as locals.  If this is correct then a new WAP at location A will first find the master controller in location B.  From there I am assuming it is not to difficult to have the WAP from location A live on the controller at location A.  What is the config parameter that would make that process possible?





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Re: 3 Masters 3 locations 1 Domain?

You should have 3 AP system profiles on your master.  Each AP system profile will be used by an AP group.  The APs at a site will belong to the AP group for that site and will have an AP system profile that points them to the local controller at that site.  The parameter inside the AP system profile is called LMS-IP.

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Re: 3 Masters 3 locations 1 Domain?

sounds great thanks much



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