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3 Mobility controllers deployment


I need to upgrade my wireless infrastructure from 2 3000 controllers  in a master/local configuration to 3 3000 controllers all licensed with 128 WAPs

I´m using now LMS-IP/BACKUP-LMS-IP using the master to terminate also  RAPs tunnels as one more local controller configured on my ap system-profiles as lms-ip and bkup-lms-ip. Both lms-ip and bkup-lms-ip are nated tru internet. I provision the RAPs with the lms-ip nated ip address that it is also my master address.

As i have read on VRDs, the recommended design will be one master without serving APs and active-active VRRP local redundancy model, and configure two ap system-profiles pointing  to each VIP on VRRP groups defined and load-balance the RAPs.

My questions:

1. Are there any other recommended design? master-local-local all serving APs...

2. Can i move ALL the licences from my master to the locals?. (actually the master has 64+64 license).

3. In the new environment, must i provision my RAPs just with the public IP address of my master controller or can i provision with one of the public IP addresses of local active-active local?.

4. Will work the two VRRP instances for active-active local redundancy on just one VLAN?.

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