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303h stuck reboots constantly

I'm running a couple of ap 515 in an IAP setup and tried adding a 303h to it. It keeps rebooting and losing all the configurations on it. The image on the memory is 8.6 and i get an image mismatch error when it does appear to the virtual controller.


Ive flashed it back to 8.5 which lets it show up and be added but after i reboot the system it disappears and goes back to 8.6. I also cant always ssh into it but i can ping it. When i can get a ssh connection it always resets the password after rebooting or losing power.


also when i try to go to the IP it always points back to RAP.arubanetworks instead of setmeup or instant.

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Re: 303h stuck reboots constantly

Did the 303H come from another environment? If the subnet that the 303H boots up on has access to the internet, maybe Aruba activate is sending down a configuration rule, or is it part of an Aruba central account that has configuration set for this AP? If your not sure, you could test building a cluster of IAPs with this AP on a subnet that has no internet access.



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