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3200XM, AP-125 & AOS 6.4 - Good Idea?

I've got a 3200XM running standalone with 11x AP-125 access points in production currently. I have a need to add a few new AP's. I would like to use something like an AP-115 or AP-215 to add to the existing environment. My controller is running 6.3.1. Currently only doing WPA2-PSK & Captive Portal. Planning on introducing 802.1x with Microsoft NPS in the near future. Airgroup functionality is also very important to our environment.


I've already confirmed that both the controller & the AP's support 6.4 code. My question is, is this a good idea? My concern is that even though the controller & AP's officially support the code, that this could introduce problems. I would love to hear if anyone else is running 6.4 on similar hardware & what their experience has been. Let me know if you need anymore details on my side. Thanks in advance!

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Re: 3200XM, AP-125 & AOS 6.4 - Good Idea?



We currently have some 125's running with a 3200xm at with no problem yet, or nothing has shown up yet.


We have everything from 125s to 325s in here.



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Re: 3200XM, AP-125 & AOS 6.4 - Good Idea?

Thanks, Jamie! Thats good to know.


Anyone else running a simliar setup?

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Re: 3200XM, AP-125 & AOS 6.4 - Good Idea?



The newer APs have better receive sensitivity and support 802.11ac so clients might stick to them better, but overall you should be fine.

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Re: 3200XM, AP-125 & AOS 6.4 - Good Idea?

Just another "me too".  I run 6.4 code on my lab 3200.  It's a non-XM, but with the memory upgrade... so effectively an XM.  Being that it is a lab box, it doesn't see a great deal of use, but I left it running 24/7 and never had any issues with it running out of memory or the like.


I'm a big fan of the 3000 series boxes.  They don't have the horsepower that the newer ones do, but I get the impression they're a little more stout.

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Re: 3200XM, AP-125 & AOS 6.4 - Good Idea?

Thanks, guys! This is good feedback. It sounds like this should work out just fine. My main concern was that the "older" controller & AP-125's might start to experience "buggy" behavior running the bleading edge code.

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