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3200XM OS 3.4.4.x or 3.4.5.x needed


I own a 3200-8 backup controller, which was never used, registered or updated. It has OS build 20989 loaded and I need to update it to a 6.x version to use it with AP135. I successfully updated the memory to 1GB, so it is a 3200XM now, which is capable to run 6.x


Unfortunately the update from 3.3.x to either ArubaOS or ArubaOS ( I have both here) requires an intermediate update step to ArubaOS or higher, 3.4.5.x. is recommended

And this version ArubaOS 3.4.5.x. I can´t find nowhere. 

Can someone please send me a download link for this 3.4.4.x or 3.4.5.x OS ? This would help me a lot.


thanx and best regards,


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Re: 3200XM OS 3.4.4.x or 3.4.5.x needed

ArubaOS is still available at the support.arubanetworks.com website: https://support.arubanetworks.com/DownloadSoftware/tabid/75/DMXModule/510/Default.aspx?EntryId=8808

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: 3200XM OS 3.4.4.x or 3.4.5.x needed

Thank you Herman. Unfortunately there is no service contract for this unit and as it is 10 years old (but was never used / registered), there is no option to register it any more.

So if someone could point me to a source for this old or OS version which is accessible without a service contract, this would help me. Otherwise I need to trash a controller + 5 AP135. 


thank you and best regards,


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