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Aruba Employee AP reclassification not working

I'm messing around a bit in my lab and I'm trying to test Valid SSID protection and AP reclassificaton and it's not working very well.  My setup is three lab controllers, a master/local setup and a seperate master.


Controller 1 is a master and controller 2 is a local off of controller 1 and has one AP105 in AM mode.  Controller 3 (completely independant of controlle 1 and 2) has a RAP-5WN connected to it in AP mode.  The RAP-5WN is advertising an SSID called "DGX-PSC" and I want to test the AM's ability to detect that SSID and contain any AP that is advertising that SSID.  I configured the following on controller 1.


ids unauthorized-device-profile "default"
   valid-and-protected-ssid "DGX-PSC"
   no detect-valid-client-misassociation


I see the BSSID for DGX-PSC show up in the Dashboard of controller 1, but it classifies it as Valid.  I reclassify it as "Interfering," but two minutes later, it's back to Valid.  I've done this a hundred times and the controller will not keep it as Interfering.


As far as the SSID protection, every now and again I see my client gets disconnected, but there's no consistant mention of it on the master controller.  There are two AP Deauth Containments listed on the master, but the client's been disconnected at least five times since the last listed event.


I guess at this point, I don't know what's working and what's not, but it's not working the way I envisioned it to.  Anyone have any ideas?

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