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I recently upgraded our test lab 620 controller to the software.


Controller upgrade went smooth via the command line but the AP's took a long time to come back online.


I understand it's normal after the controller is upgraded to see the AP's then upgrade and reboot but normally that process only took 10-15 minutes and they were back online. In my lab with 1-AP105 and 3-AP125's the process took well over a half hour. So now I'm wondering how long it's going to take to upgrade a full campus system with 2-3 hundred AP's.  ???


Has anyone else upgraded to ? Is this a typical AP upgrade time that everyone else is experiencing?

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I was upgrading from firmware

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From what I saw in the release notes you have to upgrade from to, so maybe that's why you had issues.


Upgrading from ArubaOS 3.3.x, 3.4x, 5.0.x or 6.0.x to ArubaOS 6.2 requires an “upgrade hop”.
Refer to Table 4 for more information. Carefully follow the upgrade steps in “Upgrade Procedures” on page 47.
Table 4 ArubaOS 6.2 Upgrade Path Overview
Version Step 1 Step 2
3.4.x Upgrade to the latest 3.4.5x Upgrade to 6.2
RN-3.x Upgrade to the latest 5.0.4.x Upgrade to 6.2
5.0.3.x Upgrade to the latest 5.0.4.x Upgrade to 6.2
6.0.x Upgrade to the latest 6.0.2.x Upgrade to 6.2
6.1.x Upgrade to Upgrade to 6.2

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