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Hello all!


So I installed over the weekend and all seems to be working well from what I can tell.  No complaints yet.  


I've been playing around with the new Beta Firewall features.  I was curious is there is a way to create policy based on the applications listed?  I'd love to b able to shape some of the youtube traffic at our school.


Are the new firewall features simply for visibility or can you do more with the information?






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Re: Firewall

As far as I know the AppRF feature is completely automatic and you can not configure it. Hope it will be configurable in later realases.

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Re: Firewall

Interesting.  Well if it is doing something to help out then I'm okay with that too.  Anyone know what logic it uses to steer traffic?


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Re: Firewall

We just installed on our campus on Tuesday.  We found out that many of our users were getting blacklisted because by default in the global firewall settings, prohibit-ip-spoofing was turned on (upgrading from -  Be careful!!


Also, does anyone have good knowledge on the global firewall command: 'firewall shape-mcast'

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