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6.3 failover licensing and M3 with 128 AP lics bundle...



I'm sure I've read somewhere that you have to be careful when planning to use the license pooling which becomes available with 6.3, when you're using the M3 controllers purchased as a bundle with 128 AP licences (M3mk1-128-S),  but I can't now find the reference.   My guess is that maybe the bundled 128 licences can't simply be added to the pool, so in my scenario, where I have 3 x M3s, each with 128 bundled AP lics and each with a further 128 AP lics added...   should one M3 fail, the remaining two controllers would provide capacity for only 640 APs, not 768


In addition, do I have to ensure, when using license pooling, that all controllers are in the same broadcast domain (using VRRP)?


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Re: 6.3 failover licensing and M3 with 128 AP lics bundle...

That's correct , Built-in Licenses are not shared among controllers.


The controllers don't need to be in the same broadcast domain to share the licenses.



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