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6 second audio cutout on Voipo over wifi calls


Just dipping my toe into the VoIP over WiFi pool. I've a dev controller (7000 series) running arubaos and an openStage WL3 handset comfigured to access our University telephony system. Clearpass authenticates the phone onto an apropraite vlan using eap-peap. 


 I can certainly make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls.  But the problem is that after a few seconds client receiving the call loses audio for about 6 seconds ...

If I make an outgoing call, I can hear the person at the other end but they lose my audio.

Calling in from my mobile (4g) to the Voip phone, the VoIP phone loses the audio.


then the audio comes back .... and we go through the cycle again.

Looking through the controller gui can't see anything that shouts out that there is a problem.


I know its a bit vague at the moment but can anyone point my at a particular direction before I start putting together a detailed config






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