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650 / Cannot handle bus/cache error - halting cpu

I am occasionally getting this bus/cache error on the console prior to the unit freezing. Other times it just stops responding during or after boot.


This is on a Dell PowerConnect W-650 with AOS installed (should be the same as a Aruba 650-US). Once the unit stops responding, I have to wait a while to get any output on the console after a power cycle. If I do not wait long enough The Power LED comes on and also the POE LED for Port #2 is solid Yellow and nothing is displayed to the console.


I assume this unit is dead (probably power supply issue) unless someone else has seen this caused by a loose socketed component.  Is there a boot log, chart for LED status as described, any way to run advanced diagnostics at the boot prompt to determine failing components or thermal issues?  -Thanks

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Re: 650 / Cannot handle bus/cache error - halting cpu

Honestly, if you called that it, they would probably just replace it if you have a support contract.  There is very little end-user troubleshooting of a hardware issue.

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Re: 650 / Cannot handle bus/cache error - halting cpu

Colin, Thanks for the response. I figured that would be the best answer for this situation. The problem is that I purchased this unit from a failed company liquidating their assets. I saw that both Aruba and Dell offer Lifetime Hardware Warranties on these units (as a personal safety net) - and I already have a MC 800-US-4 with AP-105 (x 4) in my lab. I was planning on replacing the EOL'd 800 with a newer (still supported) 650. This 650 unit had LIC-4-AP and LIC-2-AP already installed. Unfortunately, I am now finding that the 650 hardware warranty does not appear to be transferable. The unit failed shortly after I tested it out, and accepted ownership - I doubt Dell would allow purchasing a support contract post failure. Even If they did, I doubt they would transfer the 6 AP licenses over to the unit - so that would be another ~$300 just to get the same functionality as I have with the 800 controller - but with the added ability to use the WebUI with FireFox past v45.3.


Oh well, I was hopeful to be able to use a version of AOS beyond v5.0.4.18 in my lab, but I guess I just have to make this old hardware survive a few more years.


Thanks again for the response!

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