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650 controllers and 4G modems....

I've been to every major carrier around and no one still sells any of the compatible 3g modems for the 650 controller cellular uplink.


Are there any plans to add 4G modem support to these controllers?  Or does someone have a workaround to get any of them to work?



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Re: 650 controllers and 4G modems....

Hello, i am now trying to solve simmillar problem.

I would recomend Cradlepoint CBA750 celullar gateway, it has several options to keep the 3G/4G or Wimax connection alive. Very good compatibility. Multiwan redundancy. PoE so you can place it wherever you want, which is actually my situation because i do not get any reasonable 3G signal inside the building where the rack with controller is situated. But there is another problem with the failover.

Aruba controller is only sensing loss of connection only when physical layer down, so for me when using 651 as a router with ordinary cable modem in front of it, it is practically useless. As I dont need to add any router in front of 651, but it seems that i cannot get the failover WAN to work without some Cisco with their SLA service or Peplink Ballance, which both are sensing the outbound availability and then redirecting it to the backup.

A rebranded Cradlepoint CBA750 can be found as CX111 from Juniper Networks.


Have a look at my posts, maybe it will help you a little.



Re: 650 controllers and 4G modems....


Unfortuntaely there is no such plan for the 6xx controllers. There are various ways to find older modems that work on the 6xx controller, perhaps ebay or asking for old stock. various models of UMTS and EVDO stick work fine, but any 4g compatible ones do need to be run in prefer-3g mode to stop it connecting to 4g.


Depending the model of 4g modem, you can check into whether there is a supported AT command where you can change the preferred band, and/or some of the windows based supplicants will let you change (and save) the preferred band. An example of which being the Sierra Watcher utilitiy which can modify the band list for their modems, or say AT^SYSCFGEX for Huawei modems which can change network scan preference.





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Re: 650 controllers and 4G modems....

Ok well the 3g wasn't going to be enough bandwidth as a backup so we have gone with another approach. 

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