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7030/AP205: can ping but cannot pass RDP/UDP traffic


We are trying to setup a small network in our lab using a 7030 controller and AP205.

We have a controller connected to a laptop and to a AP205, and we have an ASUS client (associated with the AP) connected to another laptop. All devices are on the same subnet. We can ping everything, but when we try to send RTD or UDP traffic, it does not get through. It is a closed network with no access to the Internet.


It's probably one or a few settings we need to change on the controller but no luck so far. We are using a default/open network so there shouldn't be too many changes required. Firewall policy are all left blank by default. Everything is located on VLAN 1 by default as well.


We are using IxChariot to perform our tests between the two laptops and the settings are all good on that side.

When we have both laptops connected to the controller, everything works fine.

When the laptop connected to the client tries to pass data, the client transmits the way it should (we monitor the wireless signal with a spectrum analyzer) but I'm not sure what happens to the data once it is received by the AP205, but we see nothing in Wireshark on the laptop connected to the controller.

When the laptop connected to the controller tries to pass data, it does not even get transmitted over the air by the AP, so something's happening either inside the controller or inside the AP.


Again, ping goes through no problem though.

Any help would be appreciated.




Re: 7030/AP205: can ping but cannot pass RDP/UDP traffic

Can you elaborate on "all firewall policies are left blank"?


Can you determine the role the laptop (on wifi) is in and then run the following command:


show rights <name-of-role>


Also, can you share the following for the wired port?   Does the wired user show up in the user table?


show interface gigabitethernet <port#>


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