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7030 New Deployment - Design Help



New to the 7030 and need some help with a design/setup question. The controller is running and deployed in standalone mode. It's purpose is to manage RAP's that will be situated in a home office (AP-203) and in vehicles (AP-303).


Here is what I was thinking for the setup for the interfaces...

  • 0/0/0 - Trunk mode, connected to a trunk port on the switch to all Management and Data VLANS
  • 0/0/1 - Access mode, connected to a port on my firewall (DMZ). I will port forward UDP 4500.
  • 0/0/7 - For provisioning RAP's. 


Question: I understand there can only be one default gateway for the controller. Should the controller have the default gateway from my management network or DMZ network?


thanks in advance

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Re: 7030 New Deployment - Design Help

I recommend you have the default route pointing to your firewall and have static routes for RFC1918 pointing to your internal network interface.

Also, why not just use Activate for RAP provisioning and point it to the public NAT of the controller?
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