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7200 controller-One SSID but multiple subnets for guest access

We have been having this issue for sometime, orginally thought it was a client issue but now we are pretty sure it is in our config/design.


We have 7200 controller just for our guest access; it is cofigured with 10 subnets, one for each floor a guest may be on.


What we are seeing is that a guest will connect (no captive-portal (yet)) on subnet 10.10.1.x but then move up a floor or two and then connect to an AP that is handing out 10.10.3.x IP's (example).

The client appears to think that since they are connected to "Guest-SSID" that the IP they had on floor 1 is good for floor 3.

Some guests are complaining they are connected but can't browse the internet, some claim they can't connect at all or connect and get dropped constantly.

We are questioning the base design and/or configuration, somehow I doubt we are alone in this issue.

Does anyone have recommendatios on how we should be addressing this?

Shorter DHCP leases, IP Mobility setup, forcing DHCP renews?


Thank you for any education/direction on this, it is driving us all nuts !



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Re: 7200 controller-One SSID but multiple subnets for guest access

You should have a single VLAN for guest access regardless of the floor.  That way continuity will be continuous.  There is no advantage to having a subnet per floor, and a great deal of drawbacks..

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Re: 7200 controller-One SSID but multiple subnets for guest access

Thank you Colin,


Because of the environment, we are going to stand up a new controller with your suggestion and test before rolling all the AP's over to the new.

We had a feeling we "created a monster" but we thinking it would have benefits, but up to now, only headaches.


Appreciate the assistance

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