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7200 up grade AP Database

I have just migrated from 6000 to 7200 controllers.  I have 3 locals and a master.  For the migration I backed up the flashbackup from the 6000 and restored the flashbackup on the 7200s.  On one of the locals when I type the command "show AP database long status  down" it shows 871 AP's down.  But the down AP's do not terminate to this controller.  I checked on the correct controller and the AP's are up.  


Miller Grove HS AP-50    DCSS-Dispac  105   Up 5d:14h:31m:38s  Rc2    6c:f3:7f:ca:6b:09  BT0266733  N/A   N/A


Miller Grove HS AP-50    DCSS-Dispac  105   Down    R-c2   6c:f3:7f:ca:6b:09  BT0266733        N/A


Question: If I run the clear the gap-db will the AP have to be reprovised?  Is there a way to clear all of the down APs and not have a major problem?  Clear the LMS? 



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Re: 7200 up grade AP Database

You can clear the database using the "clear gap-db ?" command (there is ? at the end because there are multiple options for clearing a particular AP, all APs with a certain LMS, etc).

The APs will NOT have to be reprovisioned. The APs that are up will be recreated in the gap-db. The APs that are down will go away and not come back.

Re: 7200 up grade AP Database


What version AOS are you using ?


I seen this issue before where the local and the master are not syncing correctly and the workaround was to reload the master.


Can you do a a show switches to make sure that the master is able to see the locals and also do a show log system to see if it shows any issues with communication between the local and the controllers

Thank you

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Re: 7200 up grade AP Database

All of the down AP's have a lms of another controller.


clear gap-db lms 10.xx.xx.xx

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