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7210 Controller Physical Connectivity Best Practice

Hello, we recently purchased two Aruba 7210 Mobility Controllers and they are set up in a master-local configuration.  The APs are managed on a mgmt vlan (call it vlan 5) and the Aruba Controllers are managed on their web interface also on mgmt vlan 5.  I have two 10Gig multimode fiber gbics for each controller.  Regarding physical connectivity to my core switches, should I exclusively use the fiber gbics in an LACP trunk and have no copper cabling connecting the controllers to the physical switch?  I didn't want the situation where traffic would inadvertantly travel on the 1Gig copper link (native vlan 5) and jam that up.  I'm not sure on what vlan the traffic backhauls to the controller from the APs (I'm assuming the mgmt vlan 5?), does anyone know?  Should I just ditch the copper completely and only leave the fiber?  How would I ensure that a ton of backhaul traffic doesn't inadvertently use the copper 1Gig link instead of the fiber 10Gig links?  Thanks.

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Re: 7210 Controller Physical Connectivity Best Practice

Yes, just use the two 10G links in a LAG.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: 7210 Controller Physical Connectivity Best Practice

Thanks.  There was some discussion here at my office about leaving the copper link just for mgmt so that's why I was confused, thanks.

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