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7210 controller upgrade error

I'm getting this error while trying to upgrade either partition on a 7210:



/mswitch/bin/upgradeImageNew {linux kernel filename} {kernel} {defaultkernel} where: linux kernel filename is your kernel kernel = 0 - upgrade primary kernel kernel = 1 - upgrade secondary kernel kernel = 2 - upgrade primary kernel on Plugin flash kernel = 3 - upgrade secondary kernel on Plugin flash defaultkernel = 0 make this the backup kernel to boot from defaultkernel = 1 make this the default kernel to boot from



This is using USB via the gui. I will try tftp to see if the results change.

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Re: 7210 controller upgrade error

tftp failed (anyone have a recommended client for Mac? mine fail after a day)



i connected to the controller via my VM and tried the same procedure and it worked. The upgrading the second partition from OSX worked also. weird.


problem resolved.

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