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7240 Question?

Hello all,


I was hoping to get a little feedback on what others are seeing with the 7240's? We have been running a couple of them for about 6 months now with about 700 APs on each. I know they are rated for alot more than what we are doing, which is why i ask what others are doing with them? Does anyone out there run more than this and if so do you see any issues with auths per sec or any other performance issues?

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Re: 7240 Question?



What kind of issues are you experiencing ? What AOS are you running?


I have seen customers running 1,300 APs on a 7240 no issues

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: 7240 Question?

I'm not saying I have issues here, I simply would like to know what the real numbers are. How many ap's others have or are running and if they have seen any issues. With this info we can hopefully figure out which direction we move going forward. For example we found the a comfort level with the M3 controller at just under 400 aps even though it could do more. So all I'm asking is what kind of loads are other users placing on these new controllers?

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