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8.x AP to MC connectivity L2 vs L3 ?

I am about to start building out a new 8.x network. 

There will be 2x MC in a cluster, these will be in the same L2 VLAN for clustering.

There will be around 100 APs all in the same campus. All APs will be in the same L2 VLAN as each other, and at this stage this will also be the same VLAN where the aforementioned MCs reside, but I can change this.


Is there a best practice for having APs connect to the MCs via L2 vs L3?

In this particular build I will have the option to do it either way.


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Re: 8.x AP to MC connectivity L2 vs L3 ?

It doesn't matter. I prefer L3 separated just because of separation of the campus and datacenter layer.

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Re: 8.x AP to MC connectivity L2 vs L3 ?

The advice above is correct also because as you scale up you would want to decrease the layer 2 broadcast and multicast traffic that is hitting the controller(s) as much as possible, especially in a cluster.  Putting a layer 3 boundary between the access points and the controller achieves that goal.

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