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800 to 7005 controller migration

Hi All


I'm hoping a very quick question, I have a customer that is looking to migrate from an 800 to a 7005 controller, they will also update their APs.  They've asked the question whether they can copy the 800 config into the 7005, albeit it changing the interfaces.


I would upgrade the controllers to the same version and migrate the config however with the 800 supporting 5.0 and the 7005 supporting minimum 6.4 this isn't possible.


The controller is a standalone Master.


Many thanks in advance



Re: 800 to 7005 controller migration

I would suggest if possible to restore the config onto something like a 650 or 3000 series controller, on the same version.


You can then upgrade to 6.4 and then import it into the 7005 controller.


Speak to your Aruba distributor about getting a loan controller if you don't have one available.

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Re: 800 to 7005 controller migration

Hi Michael

Many thanks for your reply, that's a good suggestion, I'm sure we've got a spare somewhere.  I'll give that a go.


Thanks again.



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Re: 800 to 7005 controller migration

Can I use my Aps used on the 800-4 switch (60,61, etc). Also what licenses come with the 7005-US.

Re: 800 to 7005 controller migration

The 7005 support starts with AOS 6.4.3.x. Unfortunately all the ABG APs cease code support at AOS 6.3.x. So you will need new APs to use with a 7005.


7005 controllers, in and of themsleves, do not come with any licenses. It's best to talk to your vendor or partner for what you need, but in general you need the AP licenses at a minimum. If you want to enable features like firewall, wireless intrusion, etc, you will need to licenses thos features as well.

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