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802.11 Basics and RF Fundamentals

Presentation from Airheads Dallas 2011 on the topic is now available at our knowledge base: http://bit.ly/vXJcRW


For more details, take a look at the 4 part online video series on RF fundamentals below. 


Components: Transmitter, Antenna, Receiver, Isotropic Radiator, Intentional Radiator, EIRP


Characteristics: Amplitude, Frequency, Wavelength, Polarization


Behavior: Wave Propagation, RF Power, Path Loss, dBm vs. mW, Absorption, Reflection, Scattering, Diffraction, Multipath, In/Out Phase, Attenuation, Amplification


802.11 Overview: 2.4 and 5GHz channels, 802.11h (DFS & TPC), 11a/b/g vs. 11n, MIMO

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