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802.11 ac wave 2 APs


Does anyone know which model AP will be 802.11 ac wave 2? when is Aruba going to start shipping those? Would those be supported on current controller 7200?


Re: 802.11 ac wave 2 APs

Aruba has not announced a Wave 2 product yet.  Aruba does not comment on unannounced APs.


Aruba was first to market with a purpose built enterprise class 11ac wave 1 AP and 11n AP.  We continually improve our products. 


The 7200 series was built with multiple generations of 11ac in mind.  It is very likely that the 7200 series will support 11ac wave 2 APs.  Aruba has a strong track record of supporting hardware as long as possible and on as many platforms as possible.  When we launched 11ac wave 1 we were able to support it on our older 3x00 series and m3 controllers that had been shipping for 3+ years.

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Re: 802.11 ac wave 2 APs


I think we'll be leapfrogging wave 2 personally.  Why would you want to take beautiful 5GHz overlapping channel plans and make them as crappy as 2.4GHz?  When the FCC officially rolls over on this, then maybe we'll give it a look.


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