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802.11a-only SSID not accessible on AP 70

I've got an odd situation that I'm at a loss to resolve.


My AP 70s don't seem to be able to run on 802.11a, either with the internal or appropriate external antennas. But my AP 65s, handle dual-band just fine.


I have an 800 controller running and managing three AP 70s, one AP 65 and one AP 65 (running as an AM.) There are two SSIDs: lab and users.

When all the APs are online and the SSIDs set for dual-band, steer to GHz, all the clients, a & g go to the AP 65 first.

When I shut down the AP 65, all the clients drop to g and move to their the strongest AP 70.

When I make the lab SSID 802.11a only, devices won't associate with it anymore and the SSID has now disappeared from broadcast.


I'm crawling through the logs now. Can anyone give me some ideas on what may be causing this or where to look?





Re: 802.11a-only SSID not accessible on AP 70


Please run the following commands and check the setup :


show ap config ap-name "ap-name"

show ap debug system ap-name "ap-name"

show  ap  bss-table ap-name "ap-name"

show  ap  allowed-channels ap-name "ap-name"

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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