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802.11ac Design Conversation



I have a few questions I would like to pose specific to 802.11ac design WAVE 1


11ac allows up to 80 Mhz channels (wave 1). What is the idea around over lapping 40 MHz cells of two 80 MHz channels. 

Example - UNII 1 (36 primary -40/44/48) with (36/40/44/ - 48 primary)  


2) Any documented best practice for site survey with 11ac ? 


3) What about existing legacy deployments who want to levarge 11ac. Is it a matter of salt and peppering in 11ac aps in high density areas ? Any issues ?


4) Are folks seeing issues with existing 11ac clients getting sticky to either 11ac or legacy protocols ? 



Not a question, rather a statement. A lot of market hype is around how close you need to be to the AP to get the best performance. My testing, I found at the cell edge is where 11ac is even more substantial. I can see transmissions almost 10x faster than 802.11g. This is significant because legacy clients at the edge take more time to transmit frames.

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Re: 802.11ac Design Conversation

I don't have a rounded answer because it's really early (certainly here in the UK).
This isn't helped by the fact some vendors are shipping kit into the UK with non-UK regional settings! I posted another thread about this...
Anyway, we have done surveys against AC (225) APs in the UK (with n adapters as no good ac ones exist yet), but indoors for me the shape of recommendations doesn't really change much. You've always got to determine capacity areas much like you always have.
Salt and pepper has always been a bad idea, no reason to think ac will be any different!?
Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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Re: 802.11ac Design Conversation

I can see clients wanting to salt and pepper 11ac in density areas. I agree wifi clients tend to be sticky and bad roamers between legacy and 11ac. We seen this with early 11n deployments. 

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