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Re: 802.11ac Wave 2 Clients

"MU-MIMO doesn’t increase the performance that users will see but allows the network to increase its utilization by transmitting to multiple clients simultaneously in the downstream direction from the AP."

Clembo, that's not entirely true. Although wave 2 doesn't increase the throughput available in 20/40/80 mghz wide channels, it does allow for 160mghz wide channels with increased (essentially double the data rates of 80mghz wide channels) theoughput. That being said, in most circumstances you will never be able to get away with using 160mghz wide channels due to possible dfs channel interference, or the inability to deploy them in an enterprise situation, there still remains the possibility of small branch offices in the middle of no where or home users that could potentially take advantage of this increased throughout that's only available to wave 2 clients from wave 2 APs. Here's a friendly reference chart, the 160mghz column is only available to wave 2 sessions.
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