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802.11ac bandwidth clarification

Hi all ,


AP 225 has 6 omnidirectional dowtilt antenna with 3 spatial streams . Just want to get a clarification how does it achieve 1.3gbps bandwidth . Am I ryte with the below information


3*3 antenna for both 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz.

3 spatial streams , hence it gives 450 Mbps.

450Mbps * 3 antenna = 1.3 Gbps.


Correct me If I am wrong with the calculatio above..

Re: 802.11ac bandwidth clarification

I think you wil find most of your questions answered, and more, here...Page 8 covers your throughput questions for the 225. It's not 3*450Mbps, it has to do with channel width, QAM, etc.



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Re: 802.11ac bandwidth clarification

Thanks a lot...

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