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802.11r implementation



  We are trying to turn on 802.11r support across our controllers to see if it causes any issues.  To that end, I made a 802.11r profile:


wlan dot11r-profile "profile-11r"


and applied it to our ssid-profile:


wlan ssid-profile "eduroam-ssid"
   essid "eduroam"
   opmode wpa2-aes
   a-basic-rates 18 24
   a-tx-rates 18 24 36 48 54
   g-basic-rates 18
   g-tx-rates 18 24 36 48 54
   g-beacon-rate 18
   a-beacon-rate 18
   dot11r-profile "profile-11r"


  All that went fine, the output from 'show ap active' now has the lower case 'r' flag for AP support:



(aruba4) #show ap active
Active AP Table
Name Group IP Address 11g Clients 11g Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP 11a Clients 11a Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP AP Type Flags Uptime Outer IP
---- ----- ---------- ----------- ------------------- ----------- ------------------- ------- ----- ------ --------
room-450 IT YYY.YY.YY.YY 7 AP:HT:1/9/22 3 AP:VHT:157+/18/24 205 daKr 11d:20h:0m:25s N/A

and there are associated clients with R support:


room-450 94:b4:0f:6a:XX:XX d8:bb:2c:1d:XX:XX y y 2 20 eduroam 3136 0x10032 a-VHT-40sgi-1ss 56m:32s 2 WVKRAB 6/3

However there are two issues:

1 - The output from 'show ap debug dot11r efficiency' on one controller (trimmed to just one client but the list goes on for pages with the same output):


(aruba4) #show ap debug dot11r efficiency
Fast Roaming R1 Key Efficiency
Client MAC Hit (%) Miss (%)
---------- ------- --------
d8:bb:2c:1d:XX:XX 0 (0%) 0 (0%)

and 2 - the same command 'show ap debug dot11r efficiency' returns no results at all on three of our other controllers:

(aruba2) #show ap debug dot11r efficiency
(aruba2) #

  I can still specify a client to check efficiency of, and that works:


(aruba2) #show ap debug dot11r efficiency 88:66:a5:3e:XX:XX

Fast Roaming R1 Key Efficiency
Client MAC         Hit (%)  Miss (%)
----------         -------  --------
88:66:a5:3e:XX:XX  0 (0%)   0 (0%)

(aruba2) #

  I'm hoping there is something obvious I overlooked?  In searching for answers to this, I know 802.11r has the possibility of causing issues for clients, but this is precisely what we'd like to find out now during the summer versus busier times.



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