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802.1x SSID multiple vlan + AD & NPS

once i tried integrating IAP to MS2008(AD and NPS) for single SSID to multiple VLAN and it worked smoothly thru PDF guides.

however im having confusion integrating ctrlr7005 to AD + L3 switch

a.gateway will be from L3 switch (VLAN 10) for " sales"
b.dhcp relay from ms2008 is already tested
c. AD domain already tested (vlan1,
d.switch to ctrlr is in trunk mode
e.switch and ap135 is in trunk mode, tunnel
f. do still need to create VLAN10 on ctrlr?
g.server group and radius already setup on ctrlr
h.filter ID, sales, set vlan 10 on rules(anything else?)
i.AAA, initial= login, default role= authenticated, reauth and termination enabled, peap and ms chap checked.

still device cant get authentication and IP from vlan 10.

do i still need NPS for this?

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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