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802.1x authentication problem

We have Aruba Mobility Controller 3600 with RADIUS server authentication.


All users on Android or IOS smartphone get authenticated but some of the users on windows 7 laptops are not able to connect to wifi.


On Aruba controller AAA test server using MSCHAPv2 same user gets authenticated.


We have ArubaOS


Can anyone provide solution to this problem?


Thanks in advance



Re: 802.1x authentication problem

Are you using any certificates on the Win 7 laptop? Do you see any rejects in your RADIUS server? If you run the below command do you see the client being rejected by the auth-server?


#show auth-tracebuf

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Re: 802.1x authentication problem

Thanks for reply


We have not installed any certificates on client side.


The username is working on Mobile smartphone eithe iphone or Android and getting authenticated

But same user name is not fgetting authenticated from Windows 7 laptop.

We don't get any other error messages.



Re: 802.1x authentication problem

There could be numerous reasons as to why a specific client can't connect, RF issues, group policy issues. You will need to share further information on your configuration? Have you tried setting up debugging for the client in question and reviewing those logs?


#config t 
#logging level debugging user-debug <mac address of user>


#show log all | include <mac address of user>

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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