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80Mhz Channels and Cell Size



I am just doing some research so I can understand impact of 80Mhz channels. I want my AP spacing as 'future proof' as possible if I wish to upgrade to 802.11ac 80Mhz channels. Granted, I have made some assumptions about SNR and noise, however does this look correct?


Thermal Noise = -174 dB

10.Log(80Mhz) = 79 dB

Noise estimate = 7 dB

SNR estimate   = 21 dB

Obstacles          = 3 dB

Path Loss          = X dB

AP EIRP             = 6 dB


This seems to give ~70dB remaining from my link budget that can be attributed to attenuation in the envrionment and hence cell size of roughly 15m, and perhaps AP spacings of 20m if you include some overlap.


Does that all stack up?


Thank you

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Re: 80Mhz Channels and Cell Size

Please see the post here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Technology-Blog/If-there-s-one-Airheads-presentation-you-must-see-it-s-quot/ba-p/71592


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Re: 80Mhz Channels and Cell Size

What a great presentation! Thanks for the link. The explicit/implicit beam forming section was amazing.


As Peter was showing the slide with the 802.1ac sensitivity, I was thinking "wow those numbers are pretty tough to achieve" and then he said the cell size was about 5m for the top rates... wow. Interesting times ahead for WLAN design.



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