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90% of APs on controller rebooting

We have two buildings that very close to each other.  We had all the APs one one controller.  Recently we brought up a previous second controller for the one building and moved all the corresponding APs to it.  


After this move we have been seeing system error messages and we have had about 90% of the APs reboot 3 times within the last 9 days.


Below is the system log that we are seeing:

<ERRS> |mobileip|  Unexpected mobileip runtime error at mip_fa_parse_rrp, 698


Were are seeing this as the reason APs rebooted:

Reboot Information
AP rebooted Thu Jun 14 14:08:54 PST 2012: SAPD: Unable to contact switch. Called by sapd_hello_cb:4


We've contacted TAC and they r seeing that auth manager has crashed each time this has happened.  Anyone seen this before?  We are on code, but this was not happening until we brought up this new controller and moved the APs to it.


Only other thing, that we will change tonight, is that IP Mobility is enabled on the new controller, even though it's not listed in the HAT table since it's on the same subnet of the adjacent controller.



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Re: 90% of APs on controller rebooting

I have not see this issue but do you have a use case of using mobile IP?  

With a single controller Mobil IP does not ever function. It does not have the concept of a home controller or a host controller. Now that you have two controllers and your buildings are close. Some of yours users are authenticating on an ape on controller one then they roam to an AP on controller two.


Why are you on such old code? Upgrade would be the first thing I would do.

Why are you running mobile IP? What are you trying to do with it? Do you really need it? 

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