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93H in Bridge Mode

We have a number of 93H in our residence halls.  The VAPs are tunneled back to the controller.  The wired ports are bridged onto the local building VLAN.  


We've had a few cases of where someone has plugged a switch into port one of the 93H (why don't ask, it's just happened).  The AP was upgraded last night to a new version of code.  Upon reboot the AP would not be able to phone home and we would see no DHCP request for the AP, nor see it on the controller.  What we've determined, it is attempting to DHCP on enet 1 instead of enet 0 (where it's powered via PoE) as enet 1 is up first (because the wall powered switched plugged into it, never goes down).  


Enet 0 has a trunk, Enet 1 - 4 are access ports.  


However if the switch is plugged into port 2, 3, or 4, these problems don't occur.  


It almost seems like this is the behavior that is suppose to be occuring on the AP-22x, not the 93H?


Does anyone have any insight as to how I can prevent this problem.  I would like the AP to only DHCP on enet 0.  As we have end user devices plugging into ports 1 - 4.  A TAC case will probably be next.  



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