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93h as Wired bridge

 I am wondering if it is possible to connect a 93h as a mesh endpoint, and give the 4 wired ports network access via the mesh connection? 

Re: 93h as Wired bridge

You should be able to accomplish this .
If you already have your mesh link up and running the all you need to do is create a eth port config / wired ap and make the forwarding mode be bridge or split tunnel and apply the aaa profile with the assigned user-role already created and the VLAN those ports will use
Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: 93h as Wired bridge

Also would a RAP 155 be able to be converted to a CAP and be utilized in this same way?  I would love to be able to provide 2 Poe ethernet ports with a wireless backhaul for some locations.



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Re: 93h as Wired bridge

I know the 155 can do mesh, but I don't think it can be converted to a campus AP. Only RAP or Instant.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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