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AC AP's and MESH support

Doing a bit of research on the forum for various AC AP's mesh support, you can find a bit of info about it not being supported yet. As I understand any mesh role for the AC AP's (22x, 20x, 27x) is not supported. Both for Controller and IAP version of them.


This was originally announced to come in Q3 2014 with the arrival of the 225, but I found a post saying the goal now was November/December 2014.

I have deployed a few solutions with 225 and 275, and they are really good. However I am sure many of us are waiting in anticipation for the mesh support on these. Especially for the 275/274 AP's it's a feature that is sorely missing at the moment. In my mind an outdoor AP is just as likely to be used in mesh of some form, as to be used as a standard AP.


Now my question is do you have any more info you can share with us on this matter?

For instance what software versions are you aiming for to introduce this feature, and is it truly November/December that is your goal for this feature introduction  or is that incorrect?

It would also be nice if you are able to update the community about any big changes on the timeline for this feature.

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Re: AC AP's and MESH support

You should speak with your Aruba account team or channel team.

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Re: AC AP's and MESH support

My Aruba account team is not very responsive.


So I'll just reiterate the question... any idea when mesh for AP-275 will be announced? I have 2 or 3 locations that would be extremely difficult and expensive to get a network connection to.

Re: AC AP's and MESH support

Target is still Nov/Dec 2014.

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Re: AC AP's and MESH support



I read this in the release notes for I was expecting mesh support to be added on IAP-275, but this seems to indicate that it is not going to be avaiilable at all for IAP2xx.



No Support for Mesh on W-IAP2xx Series Access Points

Starting from through 6.4.x.x-4.1.1.x releases, Mesh will not be supported on W-IAP2xx Series access points.




Re: AC AP's and MESH support

Hi guys

Any updates on this?

I can't find any statement in Release Notes about MESH support for 2x0 series AP, tho only thing I find is in RN for a bugfix in relation to MESH for AP-275.

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Re: AC AP's and MESH support

No update unfortunately.

Re: AC AP's and MESH support

The initial target AOS is 6.4.3.x, so as you start to see the announcements for that version, that will contain the mesh features for 11ac APs.

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Re: AC AP's and MESH support



when will the mesh supported in the AC access points ?

 which version of IAP will support Mesh , and which version of Aruba OS.


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Re: AC AP's and MESH support

I believe it should out soon on AOS 6.4.3 for the controller version

Thank you

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