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ALL AP not broadcasting SSID

Greetings Everyone!

I just need help, there was an incident where SSID is not being broadcasted by ALL APs from the entire location.

What resolved it was a reboot of the controller. It seems that the APs were not connecting/associating/syncing to the controller.

I wanted to know what caused this, but dont know where to find and how based on the logs.

Someone's help is really much appreciated.

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Re: ALL AP not broadcasting SSID

Were any changes made on the controller prior to this incident?

vlans, IP etc?


Check the audit trail on the controller to see if any command was issued during that time - show audit trail.


check the logs for heartbeat missed between the APs and controller. Also take a look at the security logs for any events during that time range.


no paging

show log security 100

show log network 100

show log all


Have this information exported to a text file for easier analysis by logging your cli session.


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Re: ALL AP not broadcasting SSID

 like to thank you for replying, and prior posting here i have done those commands and even extracted the logs. Honestly I don't know where to check from those logs (flash, mswitch, var), so I just went to the vendor and have them analyze the logs.

Thank you!

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Re: ALL AP not broadcasting SSID

When AP not broadcasting, ssh to LOCAL controller where APs associate with, do "show ap database".  Do you see status of APs in question "UP"?

if APs are UP, do "show ap bss-table ap-name <Name of AP>" this will list all SSIDs that the AP broadcast.  






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