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AMP and multiple IAP firmware releases

We are in the process of pushing out a new firmware release to our mixed hardware estate of IAP's and have noticed that if you upload different hardware specific versions of the same release ie. Orion Pegasus and Taurus all to AMP when you schedule to firmware upgrade job and wish to select the version required from the drop down box you only see the last release uploaded, I am expecting to see all versions and then select the appropriate one for the hardware. Where am I going wrong?




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Re: AMP and multiple IAP firmware releases



If you configure the VC for Provisioning through Airwave, Image upgradation should happened automatically.

Step 1 : Add the VC in Airwave

Step 2 : Configure DHCP option 43 and 60 properly

Step 3 : Upload all the Images (of all the platforms) to the Airwave

When there is Image mismatch found VC will send Image update string to the slave so that it can down load the suitable Image from the Airwave.


For you ref :



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Re: AMP and multiple IAP firmware releases

dhanraj_puduchery i think you didn't you understood the question. it was if it is possible to have multiple versions of the same IAP type firmware available and usable. the auto upgrade explanation is nice, but it doesn't address the question.


[edit] how do you try to perform the upgrade? when i configure a required version for my cluster at groups > firmware i can select multiple version and downgrade to an older one.


Re: AMP and multiple IAP firmware releases

due to expert day, somehow the thread got separated from the reply.  please follow continuation at:


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