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AMP Setup/Authentication and Single Sign on ?

Trying to get single sign on to work in my environment.


I have 1 AMP Master Console which manages 3 other AMP servers. These in turn look after a total of 14 Aruba wireless controllers.

I have enabled RADIUS login on all of the AMPS and Controllers and would now like to enable the Single sign on feature in the AMP Setup.


If I understand the documentation correctly this should allow me to not have to log onto a controller that the AMP directs me to.  What I really want is for the single sign on feature to work for me as I traverse my 4 AMP Servers.  Is this possible? It seems to me if it can be done for the controllers as the user guide suggests, it should be able to automatically log me into any of my managed AMPs that the Master directs me to.




Thanks in advance.


Re: AMP Setup/Authentication and Single Sign on ?

Single sign on between AMP and Master Console is not supported yet.




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Re: AMP Setup/Authentication and Single Sign on ?

Hmmmm. Ireally can't see much use for it then.

I feel a feature request coming.  :-)



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