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description of this antenna is :

"Pair (H/V Polarization) 2.4GHz, Omni-directional, 5dBi, Direct-mount, N-type connectors.  Pole mount, I-beam, and ceiling tile mount hardware included. Requires N-male to N-female extension cable if not used in direct mount."


about the part  " Requires N-male to N-female extension cable if not used in direct mount "  :

what is   N-male to N-female extension cable ?

what is meant by  if not used in direct mount ?


Re: ANT-2x2-2005






This is the cable:

AP-CBL-1Aruba Outdoor Antenna Cable Extension - 10’ Long low-loss LMR 400 antenna extension cable for use with Outdoor Access Points, interfaces AP N-Type Female interface to N-Type Male on antenna.


You should buy/order this cable if your arent planning to install the antennas on the AP unit iself (direct mount)







Also - please the this configuration guide for AP-175:


it will tell u all the needed parts for outdoor deployment with thoese units.


have a lovely weekend.



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