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ANT-D608 vs D100 Antennas


I'm trying to select an antenna for several AP-274's to cover an outdoor space/client use. The AP's will be mounted approximately 25-30ft up. I'm stuck between the 3x3-D100 and the 3x3-D608 and trying to understand the implications of the 60degree versus 90degree Vertical plane. 

Can someone please touch on this?


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Re: ANT-D608 vs D100 Antennas

The D100 should be your target, the D608 is End of Sale.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: ANT-D608 vs D100 Antennas

 Hi! How do you mean that D608 is end of sale? Is it really true because it is almost new antenna...

Re: ANT-D608 vs D100 Antennas

UGH, sorry, the D607 was EoS. Sorry...


So, regarding the two antennas, at 25ft up, the difference between a 60d and 90d vertical plane won't matter much, the difference would be a matter of a few feet and functionally won't matter much, coupled with likely environmental multipath even less so.

So the main question you have to ask is do you need a horizontally wider, lower gain antenna or a more horizontally narrower, higher gain antenna?

Jerrod Howard
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
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