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AOS (AP-115 reporting Radar ?!) What cause it ? please advise

Hi AirHeads,

Please advise,

I encouter an issue (7220 + AP-115-IL units)

Here is the log of the issue:


sapd[940]: <404076> <WARN> |AP 18:64:72:c2:be:e4@ sapd| AM 18:64:72:ab:ee:50: Radar detected on interface wifi0, channel 56, typeid 37
May 9 03:09:48    sapd[940]: <404088> <WARN> |AP 18:64:72:c2:be:e4@ sapd| AM 18:64:72:ab:ee:50: ARM HT Radar Detected Trigger Current Channel old 56- new 52+/5
May 9 03:09:49    sapd[940]: <404103> <WARN> |AP 18:64:72:c2:be:e4@ sapd| AM 18:64:72:ab:ee:50: ARM No alternate channel available after radar detection converting to APM mode Current Channel 52+ Current TxPower 5

Regulatory Domain profile:


I disabled VHT + 80Mhz support ,And working with 40Mhz only in 5Ghz (Common deployment)







What cause it ?


Please advise.









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Re: AOS (AP-115 reporting Radar ?!) What cause it ? please advise

Avoid using DFS channels.  You could have radar, or triggered false positives.  Avoid that by NOT using DFS channels.

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Re: AOS (AP-115 reporting Radar ?!) What cause it ? please advise

hi kdisc98


Alternatively, if you have to use DFS/are in a DFS only location then I would recommend that you monitor the ARM history (or the logs) and there are APs having problems on say 56- then you can consider a couple of courses of action:


>> anything interesting about the location of the APs ? I have a customer that has an office located near a commerical waterway, all the APs along the window side of the building towards the waterway will trip radar on the 52-64 range of channels. Hence, i created a new reg domain profile for those edge APs and made them unable to use DFS.


>> if just one AP, consider forcing it to another channel as a workaround


>> if many/all APs, maybe have to remove the channel pair all together from the allowed 40Mhz chanells


If you really have a radar issue then you may also find that ARM sees that channel as more attractive due to fewer APs on it, so it does frequently put the AP back to the channel, so some sort of action should be taken per above




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