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AOS - Mesh Role missing from AP Installation page?

Am I crazy, or did the mesh-role drop down list dissappear from the bottom of the AP Installation page in some recent AOS code version?   This is on AOS


Doesn't matter whether I am trying to provision an AP65/105/125 from any controller in a master/local enviroment, when I try provision an AP, there is no mesh-role drop down option to select the mesh role anymore like I am used to in previous AOS.  Still can use the mesh-role commands from the CLI no problem, I am just curious if anyone else is experiencing similiar behavior?



Re: AOS - Mesh Role missing from AP Installation page?

It is a known issue and fixed in later versions of 6.3.1.X

Continue reading here:



If you need to provision a mesh device, you will probably have to do it on the commandline if you stay on;


provision-ap copy-provisioning-params ap-name "Office-135"
provision-ap installation default
provision-ap no external-antenna
provision-ap server-name aruba-master
provision-ap ap-group "default"
provision-ap ap-name "Office-135"
provision-ap no syslocation
provision-ap mesh-role mesh-portal
provision-ap no remote-ap
provision-ap reprovision ap-name "Office-135
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Re: AOS - Mesh Role missing from AP Installation page?

Thanks, that makes sense. I looked in the release notes but did not see anything.

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