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AOS 8.1 not getting sync between MCM and MD

We recently purchased 2 - 7220 to replace our M3 controllers. I'm using the opportunity to create everything new and remove many leftovers from previous admins so basically starting fresh. My problem is currently when I make a change in the MCM it is not properly syncing to the MD. My current hang-up is on a WLAN. Using the GUI, I created the WLAN under the "Managed Network/Configuration/WLANs" selection. I originally applied Enterprise security to the WLAN created and it propagated to the MD correctly. However, for troubleshooting I changed the WLAN on the MCM to "Open", and the MD never changed to open. When I "show switches" it shows "UPDATE SUCCESSFUL". But when I "show wlan ssid-profile NAME" it does not reflect the change just made. I've performed this step a few times to see if it would pick up that change and still no change. 

Re: AOS 8.1 not getting sync between MCM and MD

Hi Jeff,


Please check the message "Pending changes" on the right hand side corner (WebUI) to ensure the changes are getting propagated.

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