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AOS 8 Mobility Master on KVM network settings

Hello Airheads,


Does anyone know why, in the installation manual, they recommend during the installation to create three or four bridges on the CLI and map physical interfaces to these bridges directly on the OS?

[root@localhost ~]# brctl addbr br1
[root@localhost ~]# brctl addif br1 eno1
[root@localhost ~]# ifconfig br1 up

[root@localhost ~]# brctl addbr br2
[root@localhost ~]# brctl addif br2 eno2
[root@localhost ~]# ifconfig br2 up

and then attach those bridges to the VM's in stead of selecting the host device direcly in KVM?


Isn't attaching the VM to the host device NIC not much easier and less prone to mistakes?


Hope to receive your feedback,


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Re: AOS 8 Mobility Master on KVM network settings

I'm not a KVM expert, but in other products, you can only have 1 thing (device, process) connect to a physical interface at the same time. By using a bridge you can add multiple VMs to the same physical interface. As I see this happening in many places, it appears to be best-practice like that and if it wasn't needed people shouldn't jump through that hoop (which is a bad reason to just assume, but I just haven't investigated it in full).


In addition, specifically for the MM where you probably need only a single interface connected, you can create an empty bridge for the unused interfaces without the need to link to a physical interface.

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