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AOS 8 system downgrade process ( -> in MM-MD topology, howto?

I would like to downgrade from AS to, because we have several problems since the last upgrade (>, like:
 -client connectivity issues on wpa2-enterprise network
 -client network/internet access on a WPA2-PSK network
 -controllers reboots randomly (stated as known issue in Release Notes)
 -AP and client load balancing not works
 -and so on...
We use an MM-MD topology: 2x MMs (master redundancy) and 2x MDs (in cluster). MM's are virtual appliances, MD's are hardware appliances (7030).
Now every member running AOS, partition 0 contains the previous image and partition 1 contains the current image on every members.

I read about the downgrade process in the Release Notes:

If necessary, you can return to your previous version of ArubaOS.
Before You Begin
Before you reboot the controller with the pre-upgrade software version, you must perform the following steps:
1. Back up your controller. For details, see Backing up Critical Data on page 25.
2. Verify that the control plane security is disabled.
3. Set the controller to boot with the previously saved pre-ArubaOS configuration file.
4. Set the controller to boot from the system partition that contains the previously running ArubaOS image.
When you specify a boot partition (or copy an image file to a system partition), the software checks to ensure that the image is compatible with the
configuration file used on the next controller reload. An error message is displayed if system boot parameters are set for incompatible image and
configuration files.
5. After downgrading the software on the controller, perform the following steps:
 - Restore pre-ArubaOS flash backup from the file stored on the controller. Do not restore the ArubaOS flash backup file.
 - You do not need to reimport the WMS database or RF Plan data. However, if you have added changes to RF Plan in ArubaOS, the changes do not
appear in RF Plan in the downgraded ArubaOS version.
 - If you installed any certificates while running ArubaOS, you need to reinstall the certificates in the downgraded ArubaOS version.

1. OK.
2. OK.
3. I have done many changes since the upgrade, should I go back to that configuration revision, what I saved before the upgrade?
4. If I understood  rigth, I should set the boot partition to 0 on MDs, and reboot them, rigth? What about MMs?
5. More below:
 - I don't understand.
 - OK.
 - All certificates will be lost, or only that certs, what was installed since the upgrade?

Re: AOS 8 system downgrade process ( -> in MM-MD topology, howto?

I recommend you open a case with TAC for assistance during the downgrade. If this is a production system with many changes having been made since the upgrade, it is best to have direct assistance rather than best-effort support from the forum.

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Aruba Customer Engineering
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Re: AOS 8 system downgrade process ( -> in MM-MD topology, howto?

Is this complicated downgrade process required even when downgrading between minor/patch versions like the original person was asking?

(x.x.x.3 -> x.x.x.1)

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Re: AOS 8 system downgrade process ( -> in MM-MD topology, howto?

You should be able to downgrade your controllers like you did before.  More specific information about downgrading is detailed in release notes.

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