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AOS Profile Hierarchy doc.

Is there a profile hierarchy guide for 6.x available? I have one for 3dot0 (Steve Carr - 3dot0-profiles-v2a.pdf) that was really helpful and was hoping an updated version exists to ease my transition to 6.x.  It's a flow chart describing order of operations and basic profile requirements from user policy up to ap-group.  Kudos to it's creator.



Re: AOS Profile Hierarchy doc.

Well the hierarchy hasn't realy changed. Some new ones added offcourse but even then, the document you mentioned tried more to show how profiles fit together than anything else if you ask me.


Closest thing to it I ever saw was in the Aruba 802.11n Networks v8 VRD (Figure 47: High-level Overview of an AP Group, page 84) but even that is far from complete.

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Re: AOS Profile Hierarchy doc.

Please take a look at the Aruba campus Networks VRD http://www.arubanetworks.com/pdf/technology/VRD_Campus_Networks.pdf 


It provides a high level overview of the profiles and explains the need and configuration of basic profiles required to build an AP group for APs (employee, voice and guest networks) and AMs. It also explains how to configure redundancy, mobility , CPsec and spectrum monitors.




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Re: AOS Profile Hierarchy doc.

I was hoping the hierarchy hadn't changed much. Thank you both for pinpointing the appropriate resources. I will use VRD's as reference to update the hierarchy document customized for our environment.

It's handy to have our non-default profiles laid out (off-line) when planning design changes or implementations.

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Re: AOS Profile Hierarchy doc.

There is also a command ; "show profile-hierarchy", which gives a simple view of how profiles are referenced to each other. 

(Aruba3600) (config) #show profile-hierarchy

    wlan virtual-ap
        aaa profile
            aaa authentication mac
            aaa server-group
            aaa authentication dot1x
            aaa xml-api server
            aaa rfc-3576-server
    wlan dot11k-profile
    wlan ssid-profile
            wlan edca-parameters-profile station
            wlan edca-parameters-profile ap



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