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Hi Guys,


I am using AOS-W (MODEL: OAW-4324), Version and running DHCP service on WLC.

After 1 month some users not able to connecto to Wireless SSID due to lack of dynamic IP provided by WLC DHCP.


I check show ip dhcp bindings and statistics it uses 73-75% of its dynamic pool, however after I issue clear ip dhcp bindings command users able to connect again.


Is the any way to automatically clear ip dhcp bindings instead of doing it manually?

Or any advice for this kind of setup. Thanks

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Re: AOS-W (MODEL: OAW-4324)

Have you tried shortening the leases?


In addition, if you are serving up more than 512 addresses, you should consider an external DHCP server.

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Re: AOS-W (MODEL: OAW-4324)

The controller should not be heavily used for DHCP services...

IF you going to use it for heavy DHCP server then you should use an external DHCP server just like Collin said.


Another thing that you should do is upgrade it to the laster 5.x.x code.   You got an old firmware... and your problem could be just a bug, but even if its a bug, consider putting the DHCP services maybe on a Windows DHCP server.




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